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The movers who care – Kenwood Care.

Since 1903 there is no company that knows more about handling your goods with care when moving in Montreal than Kenwood Moving and Storage. For over a century, Kenwood has earned an incomparable reputation among people and businesses in Montreal for one simple reason, we care about our clients. We treat each and every move like it is our own, and this is visible during the moving process. When you move it can be a very busy time in your life, so we do everything possible to ensure that your move is a smooth, stress-free one. Our experts will be with you every step of the way, from pick up of goods to delivery to destination.

No more surprises when moving in Montreal!

When moving in Montreal, Kenwood Moving and Storage can plan all the details for you. Every Kenwood Moving and Storage client is provided with a comprehensive and free planning session with an expert consultant. We do this to identify your needs, so that we can plan your move to perfection. There are many different types of moves; Local moving, Long distance moving, cross border moving and more, so each one needs to be planned differently. We do all the planning so that your items arrive on time and in perfect condition.

Kenwood Moving and Storage: Professionalism makes a leader

Kenwood Moving and Storage will not only give you a responsible budget, but we will also lay out a plan for the execution and timing for your move. Our award-winning performance is based on listening to our clients and planning their move according to their needs. We are experts in every aspect of your move. We are Montreal movers, however our skills aply to all types of moves and storage. We pick up your goods, deliver your goods, store your goods and we can even handle all the paperwork. There is no room for errors when moving your goods from your home or office, and we take all precautions to ensure the process goes smoothly.

When moving things you love, hire people you trust!

We at Kenwood Moving and Storage know that the value of a precious item is not always measured in dollars and cents. Some things are priceless. That is why you hire the right people for the job. Kenwood’s has those right people, because you can’t always replace your most valued goods – they just have to get there safely – the first time. Every item will be handled with care. We are the premiere Montreal movers and we pride ourselves in our reputation. All of your items are important to us, and whether it is a couch, a desk, a lamp or something else, it will be handled with the same professional care.  You want your items to arrive in the same condition they were picked up in, and that is our specialty.

Go to Kenwood to make the right decision!

Kenwood gives moving advice to thousands of clients every year, and provides free written and clear information so that they can make the right decision based on compete information. When you are thinking about moving in Montreal, call Kenwood so you too can make the right move! You can reach us by calling 514-907-7788 or by sending an email to You can also reach us by filling out the form on our contact page.

Need a Montreal mover? Look no further, Kenwood can help.


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