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Feb 10
Are People Moving More Frequently from Montreal?

The answer to this question is yes and the reason is simple, the current language crisis and other social and financial issues in Quebec have forced a huge number of its residents to consider moving to other parts of the country to avoid dealing with political issues, seek better financial opportunities for their family and create a better life.

Jan 30
A Guide to Moving Canada to USA

Since the introduction of the Internet and the fact that social media has gained so much popularity, individuals all over the world are coming together. In particular Canadians are engaging in long distance relationships, making  global connection and becoming gainfully employed in other parts of the world on a daily basis. This has resulted in a mass exodus of people moving Canada to Usa, Mexico or just about anywhere else in the world.

Why choose Kenwood Moving & Storage?

Kenwood Moving & Storage: The Montreal movers who care – Kenwood Care.

Since 1903 nobody knows more about how to handle your goods when moving in Montreal than Kenwood Moving and Storage. For over a century Kenwood's has earned an incomparable reputation among Montreal movers as having unwavering dedication to their clients and to the care to their valued goods.

No more surprises when moving in Montreal!

When moving in Montreal, Kenwood Moving and Storage can plan all the details for you. Every Kenwood Moving and Storage client is provided a comprehensive and free planning session with an expert consultant.

Kenwood Moving and Storage: Professionalism makes a leader

Kenwood Moving and Storage will not only give you a responsible budget, but will also lay out a plan for the execution and timing for your move. Our award-winning performance is based on listening to our clients and planning their move according to their needs.

When moving things you love, hire people you trust!

We at Kenwood Moving and Storage know that the value of a precious item is not always measured in dollars and cents. Some things are priceless. That is why you hire the right people for the job. Kenwood’s has those right people, because you can’t always replace your most valued goods – they just have to get there safely – the first time.

Go to Kenwood to make the right decision!

Kenwood gives moving advice to thousands of clients every year, and provides free written and clear information so that they can make the right decision based on compete information. When you are thinking about moving in Montreal, call Kenwood so you too can make the right move!


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