5 Ways a Storage Company Can Make Your Life in Montreal Easier

Storage companies have been spreading nationally and more so with local businesses and one may wonder why that is so. Well it just happens to be one of the best ways to store unused items at the moment in the safest least expensive way. Not only are the storage companies cheap but they also have […]



Is it Better to Pack Yourself or Hire a Moving Company?

That dreaded time to move is no easy task but it is one that we have to face at least once in our lives. The question is whether you start packing yourself and maybe call some friends to come over to help or to go with a Montreal moving company. There are many pros when […]



6 Tips for Moving from Canada to USA

Whether you are moving to follow your new career or just want a new start moving to the USA from Canada is a difficult task but we have some helpful tips. While somethings are basic knowledge of what is needed to be done before the big move there are other things that are not really […]



Should You Hire a Moving Company in Montreal?

Getting a new house in Montreal or abroad and settling down with all your stuff are two different things. The excitement that lies with getting a new apartment, flat or a house is just subsided when one thinks of shifting from an existing place to a new place. Packing everything, going to a new house […]



8 After-Move Shopping Tips

Shopping when you have just finished moving into a new location, either locally, in another city, or another country is very similar to grocery shopping when you’re hungry. It can lead to disaster because you either spend to much, buy on impulse and or forget what it was you wanted or needed to purchase in […]



9 Tips That Will Make Moving Easier on Your Family and Pets

Moving takes a huge toll on your pets and your children and you need to be aware of the emotional effects it can have on them. Pets and children often feel apprehensive about an unfamiliar location, worry about meeting new friends (yes even pets can miss relationships they have built with other animals) and feel […]



The Value Behind Moving Insurance Far Outweighs the Cost to Insure

It seems that many people think that procuring moving insurance is only required for small and local moving because long distance carriers are already insured. To some degree, this is true however you might want to know the facts about long distance damage coverage before you decide on whether you want to buy additional insurance […]



The 5 Most Common Moving Questions

There are many questions that need to be answered when you’re considering moving in Montreal or anywhere else, such as how secure your valuables are, or whether your goods will be stored in a warehouse for cross border shipping. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding moving and storage. What is a moving […]



How to Move into a Smaller Home

Many senior citizens decide to sell the family home and move into a smaller more manageable apartment, condo or home. What can people do with items they have amassed over a lifetime when moving into a smaller space? Keep the things that are most valuable and downsize from there! Everyone has sentimental items and it […]



Masters Guide to Moving Overseas with Ease

Did you know that roughly 15% of the world’s population move overseas each year, can you imagine what the percentage is of people who are simply locating from one place to another? Companies such as Kenwood moving and storage in Montreal are quite aware of these and other related statistics because they have been providing […]