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The 5 Most Common Moving Questions

There are many questions that need to be answered when you’re considering moving in Montreal or anywhere else, such as how secure your valuables are, or whether your goods will be stored in a warehouse for cross border shipping. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding moving and storage.

what is a moving company

What is a moving company?

While each moving company offers different services, they are generally concerned with carrying goods from one place to another. Moving companies cater mostly to large amounts of shipped items such as the contents of an entire household, office or warehouse. If you have only a few small boxes to move or ship, it is much more practical to move or ship the items yourself. Movers will move almost everything in your home or office from plants to pets, furniture, and personal items, however, in order to justify the costs involved, your items should at least fill a truck or van. Read the moving company’s information and guidelines as to what is and isn’t acceptable to be moved because items like glass or cattle require a special type of moving truck.


How secure are my items during transportation?

The number one priority for a moving company is to ensure that your possessions are secure during transport as they are liable for any destroyed objects during the entire process. You should always verify that the moving company you are using guarantees this. A reputable company like Kenwood, will always ask you to go around and spot check in order to verify damaged items before and after the move to determine if items have been damaged or lost during the process. Kenwood also has a state of the art storage facility, which is an indication of their expertise in the careful handling of all goods.

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What happens if the movers damaged or lost my possessions?

You need to make sure before the move that the contract you sign with the movers includes provisions to replace the damaged, lost or ruined items during transfer of your items. If you do not get this in writing it might be difficult to have them do so later on, especially in the case of a not so reputable moving company. They should offer replacements cost for your belongings at about .60 cents per pound minimum and they should have insurance for this. You will have to create a claim for damages. Without a written contract it would be hard to convince any insurance company to pay, it is for this reason that you must insist the moving contract guarantees replacement costs.

Do I have to get my own moving insurance?

The best policy is to always err on the side of caution. It is better to secure your belongings and have them insured yourself because even though you sign a contract with a moving company, it does not mean they will pay you for damages. Movers have been known to stall payments, go out of business or simply disappear and you are left with no recourse. This happens a great deal with smaller or cheaper moving companies, the larger more stable ones are reputable. Depending on the insurance you have, you may be able to make two separate claims and get some extra money for your troubles.

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How do I know if my moving company is reputable?

As a Canadian consumer you have the right to enquire about the background of any company you are expecting to receive services from. You can contact the better business bureau of Canada to see if a complaint has ever been filed against your company, read reviews on websites and ask friends and families if they have ever dealt with the company. This will give you an idea of the company that you are dealing with before you even contact them. Once you have chosen one you think sounds like a reputable one, the best way to ensure your using the right moving company is to ask questions and see how willing they are to offer information. If they seem hesitant in responding, this is a pretty good indication that something might not be up to par. Make certain they want you to sign a contract and verify you goods before and after the move. Make sure to read the fine print in any contract you sign, insure yourself and be assured you move will be a pleasant experience.

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It might cost a bit more for a reputable company, but you will have piece of mind in knowing that your valuables are secure. Some good testimonials from previous clients are usually a good indication of a quality company. The truth is paying for cheap services usually ends up in cheap services and you may end up paying more than you bargained for if you have to replace the entire contents of your home and office. If you are in need of a move, and requrie the services of a trusted Montreal moving company that has been in business since 1903, contact Kenwood Moving & Storage Inc.

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