About Us

Since 1903 Kenwood Moving & Storage has been the mover of choice for Montreal families and businesses.  As president of Kenwood Moving & Storage, John Delanty has been the dynamic head of our group since the year 2000.  As a born and bred mover, John brings over 30 years of industry experience to his work and has proudly lead us into and beyond a century of service to Montreal.  John and his highly seasoned management team and moving professionals have been handpicked and groom so they may provide the consistent level of attention and care we call Kenwood Care.

Kenwood Care is at our core.  It starts with an attitude and manifests itself in everything we do for our clients.  From our customer service coordinators, our dispatch staff, our operational crews to our post move service staff; it is all done by people who care about you and your goods.  This is what we mean by Kenwood Care.

We have the resources to get you to where you are going with the greatest of ease to you.  Be it around the corner or around the world, we are there – with Kenwood Care.