Long Distance Movers

long distance movers
Looking for a long distance mover? Planning a move across the country and need a Montreal moving company? Kenwood has the move for you. As one of Canada’s longest serving van lines, we make moving across the country as easy as moving across town. With an agency network of over 180 offices across Canada we have an office near you, both before and after you move. Our fleet of modern, clean and Sanitized™ moving vans are ready when you are to bring all your household and/or office goods to your new destination safely and stress free.
long distance moving
 All this because we care – Kenwood Care. People move for a number of reasons such as starting a new job, attending school or pursuing a more permanent relationship. While change can be a very positive experience, it can also be very stressful and even more so when it involves having to move long distances. Hiring a professional mover can alleviate a great deal of this stress and will free up time for you to take care of other pressing issues.
  • Install utilities before you arrive.

Long distance moves are very difficult on families and you may find that your phone bill will increase. To avoid having a very large bill, call ahead to secure a long distance calling plan or install the Internet before arriving at your new destination. Make sure to have the electricity working as you will need to shower and clean the establishment when you arrive.

  • Budget for the unexpected.

Depending on where you live, you may find yourself having to pay two rents or utilities bills until things get sorted out and you are reimbursed. In each state, province or country, things like driver’s license, insurance, permits, public transportation, banks and postal boxes have to be activated and fees are charged accordingly, you will have to budget for these kinds of things. Situations always occur such as broken or misplaced items that need to be replace and you should have money set aside just in case. If you arrive at your destination and your home is still occupied or worse, unfit to live in, you may have to stay in a hotel and pay for storage of your items in the interim.  These are problems that you cannot be foreseen, therefore when moving long distances you must add emergency funds to your budget. The good news is, if everything goes according to plan and no issues arise, you will have extra money in your pocket.

  • Hiring a moving and storage company.

Moving long distances should be planned the same way in which you would any other move but remember, the farther you’re moving, the more travel, gas and shipping costs will be required for the entire trip. You must make a realistic assessment of the total costs before deciding on the move and decide on what mode of shipping, moving and storage you will require. Once you have planned, budgeted and decided how and when you will move, you will have to hire a long distance moving company like Kenwood’s moving and storage in Montreal. To secure a moving truck, you must call in advance because moving companies and transport vehicles are in high demand at the moment.

  • Building a new way of life.

Once you arrive at your new location, you may have to enrol you child in a new school, find a job, learn a new language and locate nearby amenities. Before you simply uproot yourself and your family you should always research the new location and join groups of locals who can help you learn about the area beforehand.  It is much easier to ease into a new city, place or culture with local support. The internet is filled with a number of groups and it is wise to seek them out and get the true vibe of a city rather than by simply reading about it. Who knows, you may even make a friend or two before you arrive. Moving is stressful enough, research careful, organize your move and let a professional mover take care of the packing and storing so you can take care of adjusting to your new surroundings.