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6 Tips for Moving from Canada to USA

Whether you are moving to follow your new career or just want a new start moving to the USA from Canada is a difficult task but we have some helpful tips. While somethings are basic knowledge of what is needed to be done before the big move there are other things that are not really needed but highly recommended to help you settle in. moving canada to usa

Social Security­

This process usually take anywhere from 2-3 weeks to received and yes this is needed if you plan to work in the USA. It is recommended to submit the application for the social security number as soon as possible so you can work once you are in the USA. social security

Work Visa

If you are specifically moving to the USA for work purposes then you should be fully aware that you need a work visa. If you were not then now you are, this is basically the permit to come to the USA with work being your reason of visit. work visa

Bank Account

After you have gotten your social security number and you are ready to start looking for a job, opening a bank account is the next step. Now Canada’s currency is not the same as the US dollars so getting a bank account as soon as possible is also recommended. The sooner you get the bank account the sooner you can get a credit card to start making daily needed purchases while you get a job. bank account


After everything is settled with the social security and work visa now it is time to start moving. If the place you are moving to the USA is close to Canada then it would be better to move the stuff yourself than higher a moving company since it may be cheaper unless you have a lot of items. If your move happens to be from Quebec to California then yes a moving company would be the best option. moving to usa


the Department of Motor Vehicles is a place where you will have to spend quite some time in both getting your license and importing your car. Waits at the DMW are known to be long so do not be discourage by the long waits. Typically getting your license will be easier than importing your car since emission checks are required. dmv


Although visiting the city you plan to move to is not needed it is highly recommended so you know what to expect. There is an amazing service online called Airbnb which lets you stay at people’s houses or apartments in places around the world. If you can find the city you plan to move booking a stay for a few days in the neighborhood you plan to stay will be an incredible experience since you will become familiar with city. Moving from Canada to the USA is clearly no easy task but with these helpful tips at least you will be prepared. Making sure that everything is in check before moving to the USA is one of the most important things to do. Lastly taking a trip to the city you plan to move is not needed but highly recommended so you can familiarize with the surroundings.